Customer Relationship Management for Your Business

Communicate with every lead in ONE app with Dubya Digital's Lead Connector system!

Automate sales processes, track profits, manage SMS text message and email campaigns, schedule estimates, handle customer reviews from ONE comprehensive platform.

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  • Two-Way Texts & Email
  • Reputation Management
  • Website Chat Widget
  • GMB Messaging
  • Text to Pay System
  • Invoicing System
  • GMB Call Tracking
  • Stripe Integration
  • Programmable Workflows
  • SMS Text Messaging Management
  • Email Campaign Management
  • Automate Appointment Booking
  • Automate Drip/Nurture Campaigns
  • Easily Track Lead Value
  • Opportunity Pipelines to Increase Sales
  • QuickBooks Integration

Customized CRM System

Dubya Digital's team will tailor your CRM's functionality to your specific business needs. If you have a special request or workflow you need, let's talk! Not all businesses are the same, and your CRM shouldn't be either! Dubya Digital can build a system that will work best for you.

Professional Onboarding

Getting a new CRM does not have to be painful! Your company will be professionally onboarded by our team ensuring a smooth implementation of your new CRM for your business.

24/7 Tech Support

Dubya Digital's Lead Connector system comes with 24/7 Technical Support included in your package. Never EVER, buy a CRM system that does not include comprehensive technical support! We have a great staff that's available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You'll never have to worry about lacking access to immediate help if you encounter a problem.

Total CRM System (Customer Relationship Management)

Business owners who are successful can find themselves drowning in leads and opportunities to the point that it's overwhelming. A good CRM system allows you to manage every potential customer effectively, keeping business from slipping through the cracks by keeping you and your business organized effectively.

Automate Appointment Booking & Calendar

Dubya Digital's Lead Connector CRM allows you to automate your booking process by allowing customers to choose when they'd like to meet according to your posted availability. If a customer wants a Free Quote, they will no longer be required to contact you with our automated booking system in place.

In-App Text & Email Conversations

Keep track of all your conversations in ONE place. If someone messages you via a website form, webchat widget, Facebook messenger, Google Business Profile or Instagram you (or your employees you've given the app to) will be able to see every conversation in one place. No more switching between emails, texts, and various apps. You'll only need ONE APP now - and our customers love that!

Reputation Management

Automate processes so every customer gets invited to leave a review, or customize it where you can choose which customers get a notice and which do not. You have total control of your review management with Dubya Digital's Lead Connector.

Text to Pay through Stripe

Text-to-pay options are available to customers with a Stripe account. Stripe is a great service for taking online payments (it's what we use here at Dubya Digital) - cheaper than a lot of other alternative. We like it!

Opportunity Alerts

Do you offer a variety of services in your business? You'll be able to easily sort customers into different categories providing estimators and sales teams with data they can use to generate additional sales. For instance, a customer purchasing a new fence may also be interested in a discount on a deck. A client who had their windows cleaned may also be interested in packaging pressure washing in their deal. Opportunity flows can alert your sales team to additional talking points with customers.

WebChat Widget + AI Helpers Available

Get a chat widget installed on your website so customers can contact you or a staff person directly - right from your site! Don't have time to manage customers messaging you on your site? We can use the power of AI to program a ChatBot customized for your business to assist.

Missed Call Text Back

Automate customer follow up for missed calls. Our system can be configured to automatically follow-up with customers when you can't get to the phone so that you can retain the lead and keep the business.

Customizable Workflows

Customize processes and workflows for your specific business. Our system is fully programmable and customizable, able to be tailored for any business and any solution.

Email & SMS Campaign Templates

Want to run an SMS, email, drip, or nurture campaign? Automate marketing campaigns easily from one platform with Dubya Digital's CRM.

Automate Your Business

Dubya Digital helps you get a CRM system in place so you can focus on working ON your business instead of IN your business.

Want to Learn More?

Interested in implementing our CRM system for your business? Give us a shout at 618-249-3700, shoot us a message in the chat box, or fill out the "Get in Touch" form on this website and we'll follow up with you soon.

Customer Relationship Management System